Life on Land

The reduction in deforestation helps preserve vital wildlife habitats.

Life on Land

The reduction in deforestation helps preserve vital wildlife habitats.

Because the DelAgua stove significantly reduces wood consumption and the associated deforestation, vital wildlife habitats are preserved.

Despite being small in size, Rwanda has one of the richest varieties of flora and fauna in Africa. Its forests are home to a remarkable diversity of plants, insects, birds and mammals. This biodiversity is under threat from the pressure on their environment from a large and growing population and in particular from the harvesting of firewood.

Rwanda’s forestry is home to the Mountain Gorilla, the world’s most endangered ape.

Only about one thousand remain in the wild and they are on the IUCN Red List of wildlife threatened with extinction. Half of the worldwide population of Mountain Gorillas is found in Rwanda, they are a revered and treasured icon for Rwandans and huge conservation efforts are being made.

The Mountain Gorillas’ survival depends on limiting human intrusion and disturbance and the conservation of forestry.

This means ensuring rural communities can sustain themselves without having to encroach on this land for firewood harvesting. The DelAgua stove plays a vital part in this. Once on the brink of extinction, the good news is that Mountain Gorilla numbers are slowly rising.

DelAgua Rwanda project, October 2014

The project is funded by the sale of carbon credits. Help conserve wildlife, provide more life-changing stoves, offset your carbon footprint and buy carbon credits directly from DelAgua, via the UNFCCC site.

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