Over the life of the stove a family will save approximately $1600 USD.

There are immediate tangible economic benefits for DelAgua stove recipients.

For families who purchase their wood (as opposed to gathering it) they need 71% less wood so their expenditure is reduced by 71%.

Half the population of Rwanda earn just $1.90 per day. Add to this that biomass cooking fuels are the fourth largest expense for a Rwandan family costing an average of $19 a month and a reduction of this expense by 71% becomes a very significant household saving.

Over the life of the stove a family will save approximately $1600 USD as each month the cost of buying wood has halved. 

Stove recipients who purchase their wood and have an immediate increase in their disposable income choose to use this in many different ways. These include buying stock to run their own small from home community store, investing in livestock and improved crop cultivation, funding their children’s education and buying a wider variety of foods which in turn improves household nutrition.

The saving benefits the economy of the wider community.

The income gets spent in the market, repairing and improving homes and supporting other trades and businesses.

DelAgua provides employment for over 7,000 Rwandans.

This boosts the local economy and builds skills, improving future earning power and contributing to Rwanda’s long term economic growth.

The project is funded by the sale of carbon credits. Help lift a family out of poverty, provide more life-changing stoves, offset your carbon footprint and buy carbon credits directly from DelAgua.

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