DelAgua began its innovative stoves programme a decade ago in Rwanda. It is now the largest clean cooking programme of its kind in the world with operations in Rwanda, The Gambia and Sierra Leone. DelAgua exclusively targets rural communities in Least Developed Countries and provides a top quality stove with integrated education and support, free of charge, enabling access to clean cooking for those who are otherwise unable to afford it. Today over 1.5 million stoves have been provided, transforming over 7.5 million lives, cutting carbon emissions and benefiting the environment.

JUST LAUNCHED: Now you can offset and buy our high impact, high integrity carbon credits direct from us.

Our partnership began in 2022 with the Government of The Gambia. By 2024 we will provide 125,000 stoves, one for every rural household currently without access to modern energy efficient cooking. 

The Tubeho Neza project has been running since 2012, in partnership with the Government of Rwanda, with the goal of providing innovative, high quality, high performance stoves to 2.3 million rural households.

Our partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone began in 2022. Our Livɛ Fyn project goal is to provide 1.2 million stoves and an integrated education and support programme, free of charge, to every rural household in Sierra Leone. 

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