Work and Skills

Employment and opportunities for rural Rwandan communities. 

Work and Skills

Employment and opportunities for rural Rwandan communities. 

The DelAgua Tubeho Neza programme was developed from the outset to transfer skills and develop Rwandan talent. 

The project is delivered by local Rwandans and they lie behind the success of the programme. For over ten years DelAgua has invested in recruiting and training hundreds of Rwandans including many from the rural communities which DelAgua serves, providing them with employment and creating opportunities for economic growth. DelAgua has recently partnered with Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, to provide bright, graduate, entry-level Rwandan talent as Tubeho Neza expands to meet the target of distributing stoves to 2.3 million rural households.

Since 2012 DelAgua has employed over seven thousand Community Health Workers.

They are trained to carry out the distributions and household visits and to use the specially designed DelAgua smartphone technology that is central to the effective distribution, household training, tracking and after-sales support programme.

Project management, logistics, database management, communication and leadership are all key skills being developed.

This is enabling DelAgua employees to thrive and contribute towards Rwanda becoming a tech-enabled society. During the current Covid crisis these skills have allowed the DelAgua team to adapt to the many challenges and continue to safely and successfully distribute hundreds of stoves to the rural communities who most need them.

The DelAgua stove also enables stove recipients to have more productive work.

The significant time saved through the reduction in time spent gathering wood and cooking plus the immediate financial saving for those households buying their fuel means that there is time for more productive employment and developing skills plus money to invest in entrepreneurial activities, agriculture and education.

The project is funded by the sale of carbon credits. Help create more jobs, provide more life-changing stoves, offset your carbon footprint and buy carbon credits directly from DelAgua.

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