Valentine’s Story

Meet Valentine who lives with her mother Goreth and 5-month old baby daughter Irasubiza.

For this mother – daughter & granddaughter family, the DelAgua stove came at the right time when Valentine was heavily pregnant and could not spend a lot of time collecting firewood and cooking for hours. Her elderly mother is also not strong enough to perform such strenuous tasks every day.


Now, they can take turns cooking and taking care of the baby because the DelAgua stove is easy to use for a new mother and an elderly woman.

“Now that I have a baby, I can cook without worrying about the effects of too much smoke on her health. I can also rest and breastfeed as the food cooks.” Valentine

“Getting firewood in this village is not easy. You have to walk for more than 1 hour to find a good place to get firewood. By the time you collect enough firewood, walk back home, spend 3 – 4 hours cooking beans and potatoes, the day is done, and you have not done any other task.” – Goreth

Help more women like Valentine and Goreth benefit from a lifechanging stove, offset your carbon footprint and buy carbon credits directly from DelAgua.

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