Savera’s Story

Savera’s family of six buy their wood. Since they have received their DelAgua stove they are using less than half the amount of firewood they use to. 

Their favourite things about the stove are that it consumes “nothing” compared to their old fire, it is so easy to light and food is cooked quickly: beans which took three hours to cook are ready in half the time and porridge is ready almost immediately. Savera now cooks two meals a day rather than one, which is improving her family’s nutrition. So much time as well as money is saved: the children can play more and Savera can get on with other household activities. She is planning on using the money saved from buying wood to purchase four rabbits for breeding. She will keep half for her family and sell half, using the income to support the family and build her enterprise.

“The stove consumes nothing compared to our old fire, it is so easy to light and food is cooked quickly.”      – Savera

Help more women like Savera benefit from a lifechanging stove, offset your carbon footprint and buy carbon credits directly from DelAgua, via the UNFCCC site.

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