Lovibond Scuba II Handheld Tester

DWT Code: 14283
Supplier Code: 216100
  • Ideal solution for the domestic user looking for accurate, digital results
  • Supplied with sufficient tablets for a normal season’s testing
  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • Easy-to-use, highly reliable results
The ideal testing solution for the domestic user looking for accurate, digital results.

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The Scuba II is a small, compact and easy-to use digital water tester for the 5 most important tests: Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity and Cyanuric Acid. The watertight instrument allows the operator to check pool water quickly and accurately.

The integrated sample chamber is filled by immersing it in the water. A tablet is then added and generates a characteristic colour which can be measured using the photometric principle. Results are then displayed in the large viewing area within 1 minute.

Test/ Range

Alkalinity Total M: 0 – 300 mg/l

Cyanuric Acid: 1 – 160 mg/l

pH Value: 6.5 – 8.4 pH

Chlorine: 0.1 – 6 mg/l


  • Scuba II
  • Reagent Tablets
  • 20 each DPD No.1 & Phenol Red Photometer
  • 10 each DPD No.3 , CyA-Test & Alkalinity-M Photometer
  • Stirring Rod
  • Instructions
  • 2 Batteries (AAA)


  • Optics: Temperature compensated LED light source (530nm wavelength) and digital photo sensor
  • Power Supply: 2 AAA Batteries (supplied)
  • Auto Switch Off: After approx. 5mins non usage
  • Operating Conditions: Temperature 5 – 40 degrees C; relative humidity 30 – 90%; non condensing
  • Alkalinity Test Range: 0-300 mg/l
  • Cyanuric Acid Test Range: 1-160mg/l
  • pH Value Test Range: 6.5-8.4 pH
  • Chlorine Test Range: 0.1-6 mg/l

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