HI-93755-01 Alkalinity Liquid Reagents, 100 tests

Brand: Hanna
DWT Code: 10120
Supplier Code: HI-93755-01
  • Alkalinity Liquid Reagents
  • Range: 0 to 500 mg/L
  • Alkalinity reagent for use with the Hanna HI-83200, HI-83216 and HI-83226 photometers. Reagents are supplied in 30ml dropper bottles and in a choice of 100 or 300 pack sizes.
  • 100 Tests

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The HI-93755-01 Alkalinity liquid reagent is suitable for use with the HI-96755 portable photometer and the HI-83200, HI-83205, HI-83099 multi-parameter bench photometers.

This reagent provides enough to do 100 tests.

Range: 0 to 500 mg/L

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