Conductivity Standard Solution, 1413 µS/cm, KCl, 250 mL LZW9710.99

Brand: Hach
DWT Code: 12923
Supplier Code: LZW9710.99
  • Conductivity Standard Solution



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Conductivity Standard Solution. 1413 µS/cm ±12 µS/cm at 25°C, as Potassium Chloride (KCl) (0.01M). 250 mL bottle.

  • Wide selection of concentrations
    and package sizes
  • Traceable to NIST standard reference materials
  • Design for use with Hach meters portfolio
  • Reliable packaging


Concentration: 0.01M KCl
1413 µS/cm at 25°C ±12 µS/cm at 25°C
Description: Conductivity calibration solution
Formula: KCl
NIST traceable: Yes
Package Type: Bottle
Parameter: Conductivity
Platform: Solution
Quantity: 250 mL
Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture.
Special remarks: Observed shelf life after opening, following recommended storage and use: 3 months
Storage conditions: 10 – 25 °C (protect from light)

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