Bacteriological Consumables Pack (200 Plates)

DWT Code: 14867
Supplier Code: BacCons
  • Can be used with the DelAgua Kits
  • Packaged together in a single box for easy storage and portability
  • Consumables for 200 plates
Bacteriological consumables pack for 200 plates.

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This bacteriological consumables pack is for use with, but not limited to, the DelAgua Kit family which has been designed to test water quality primarily for bacteriological contamination and to determine its safety for human consumption.

Includes: 200 pads, 200 filters, 38.1g broth and pad dispenser.

Consumables also available separately, please contact us for individual prices.


  • 200 Pads
  • 200 Filters
  • 38.1g Broth
  • Pad Dispenser

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