Ammonia Replacement Reagent Tablets for Palintest Photometers AP 152

Brand: Palintest
DWT Code: 10766
Supplier Code: AP 152
  • Simple test protocols – crush one or two tablets in the sample to carry out reliable and accurate  water analysis anywhere
  • Portable, compact and stable – light enough to carry into the field, small enough to store in the  laboratory drawer and with a useful lifetime of several years due to the high integrity blister packaging used
  • Wide range of parameters – since the development of the DPD method by Dr Palin, Palintest has continued to develop simple tablet-based water testing applications.


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Based on the original Palin System, tablet reagents are favoured by many users due to the simplified test protocols, ease of handling and long stability.

Replacement Packs are provided typically in 250 test packs.


  • 250 Pk

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