Philomene’s Story

In Philomene’s family of nine it is the children who collect the wood and tend the fire. 

They were spending two to four hours every day doing this. Now, because just small twigs and tinder are needed to fuel the DelAgua stove, they collect fuel only once every two to three days. The stove is quick to light and burns so efficiently that they are also spending much less time tending the fire. The burden of wood gathering and cooking has been reduced for Philomene’s children so they have more time to go to school, study, play and just be children. 

The children have also noticed the immediate difference the lack of smoke has made to how they feel: the DelAgua stove burns cleanly with very few emissions so they no longer experience the sore eyes and a burning throat which before was an everyday fact of life for them.

“My children were spending between two to four hours a day collecting wood before we received our stove. Now they collect wood once every few days” – Philomene

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