Nadines’s Story

Nadine is fifteen. There are eight in her family, including the newest arrival, baby Brian.

Nadine is responsible for the daily collection of the family’s wood. She had to do this every day, and it could take her as long as three hours in order to find enough fuel for their large household’s needs.

Nadine would frequently have to miss school in order to ensure the family did not go without the fuel necessary to boil water and cook their beans, potatoes and maize. 

With the DelAgua stove, which requires much less wood, Nadine is now spending less than one hour a day gathering fuel. She is able to attend school every day and is getting the education she needs alongside her friends.

“Now we have a DelAgua stove I spend less than one hour a day gathering fuel so am able to attend school every day”. – Nadine

Help more girls like Nadine benefit from a lifechanging stove, offset your carbon footprint and buy carbon credits directly from DelAgua, via the UNFCCC site.

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