Leonille’s Story

Meet Leonille who received her DelAgua stove in December 2020. There are five people in Leonille’s family. 

Leonille works at Kamonyi district offices as a casual laborer; this means she is often called upon to work on district projects like digging trenches and preparing building sites. On days she would come back tired from work, she still had to cook supper for her family and this would take several hours. Now, that worry is no more because her DelAgua stove cooks faster and lights quickly.


She is also happy that her children can go out and play with other children instead of going out to collect firewood every day.

“Ever since I got this stove in December 2020, it has helped me to manage my chores and responsibilities better. It used to take me more than 3 hours to cook, but now it takes about 1 hour. On days, when I do not have to go to work, I use that extra time saved from cooking to take care of the few chicken and pigs we have at home. When I am at work, my husband Daniel cooks
because the stove is easy to use. This was not the case before.”  – Leonille

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