Epiphanie’s Story

Meet Epiphanie who lives with her two grandchildren, Belise aged seven and Laurence aged six. 

Epiphanie is happy she can now warm their food as often as she needs to. She can now easily boil their drinking water, which she does 3 times a week.

She remembers how the smoke of the open fires used to affect her grandchildren; they used to fall sick often because of the smoke inhalation, but she now notices a big difference in their health.

“This stove has really saved me a lot of time. As an old woman living with 2 young children, I can now help them with schoolwork, they can play comfortably around the cooking area, and I can also rest because I don’t have to collect firewood every day. At my age, that was not a simple task because I often had to go with the children to collect firewood, I could not leave them home alone.”


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