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Teenage Mother Partnership

We have partnered with Empower Rwanda to distribute stoves in Rwimiyaga and Nyagatare in Rwanda. Empower Rwanda is a women-led Non-Governmental Organization that was established to support women and youth by providing skills, knowledge, and resources that create sustainable change for them, their families, and their communities. One of their programmes focuses on preventing teen pregnancy and gender-based violence (GBV), working with communities and partners to promote and protect the rights of women and girls. 

Together, our partnership is providing teenage mothers in Eastern Rwanda with an innovative, high quality, high performance stove designed to work for the women and the reality of their lives. We heard from some of the mothers about the difference a DelAgua stove will make to their lives:

Nuriat Dusabe, 20yrs old

At the time of receiving her DelAgua stove, Nuriat is a mother to a 6 weeks old baby girl. She lives with her extended family, in Nyagatare district. Her family consists of 9 members, but she is in charge of the household chores including cooking.

Her family usually spend Frw 4,000 (approx. $4) every week to buy firewood because they cook twice a day.

With this stove, she expects to save the money she has been using to buy firewood and start a small business near home.

Mumararungu, 17yrs old

 She is currently 8 months pregnant, living in Nyagatare District. Usually, her family has to collect firewood once every 2 days.

As she is heavily pregnant at the time of receiving her DelAgua stove, she is happy that the stove is portable, easy to use & she won’t have to make as many trips to collect firewood. The DelAgua stove uses just small twigs and tinder which can be collected close to her home. The stove is also quick to light so she’ll spend much less time tending the fire. 

Alice Mutoniwase, 17yrs old

Alice lives with her single mother in a family of 13 members. She is also a mother to a 14 month old child.

Because of the size of their family, they cook twice a day and spend Frw 800 daily on buying firewood. This puts a strain on their finances.

She is happy that the DelAgua stove will relieve them of the financial stress of buying firewood every day and they will be able to spend their money on other things to benefit her family.

 “We are proud to be partnering with Empower Rwanda to provide young mothers with a clean cooking solution. Traditional cooking methods increase women and girls’ exposure to the risk of gender-based violence. The number of fuel gathering trips, the distances travelled and the time taken all contribute to the incidence of GBV. The DelAgua stove uses just small twigs and tinder which the girls can gather close to home, so feel safer. And because the stove uses 71% less wood, the number of trips and the time taken to collect sufficient fuel are both significantly reduced.”

Monica Keza, Country Director Rwanda

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