Elizabeth’s Story

Meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a single mother of 4 children. 

In Elizabeth’s village, it is not easy to come across thick bushes and forests to get firewood. This means Elizabeth previously had to walk several kilometers every other day to gather firewood for cooking, carry heavy bundles of it on her head or back and then spend hours bending over an open fire to cook lunch or supper for her four children; 3 boys and 1 girl.


Elizabeth says that because of the Tubeho Neza programme, she got the opportunity to learn about the dangers of cutting down trees to get firewood. She is grateful to DelAgua for bringing this programme to Kamonyi District.

“These days, I cook within 1 hour and then I can walk my 10-year-old daughter to and from school, go to the market and spend time taking care of my small pig farm. Cooking is no longer a tiresome chore and when I need to go somewhere, I can trust my daughter to cook because the stove is easy to use and she is not at risk of easily getting burnt.” – Elizabeth

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