Deogratias’ Story

Meet Deogratias who lives with his wife in Kamonyi District. They received their DelAgua stove in 2022.

As an 86-year-old man living with his 60-year-old wife, cooking over a traditional 3 stone fire was not only tiresome but also exposed them to a lot of smoke emitted by the open fire. Their children are now grown up and do not live with them, so they rely on their neighbours to help them collect firewood.


This was particularly difficult when they required a bundle of firewood every day. Since receiving the DelAgua stove in November 2022, one bundle now lasts them almost a week. 

“My wife is very happy with the way the stove works because she now has more time to spend with other women at church or doing village development projects. Me on the other hand, I spend time taking care of our cow and when I need to make tea, I can sit by the stove and quickly boil water. The stove is so easy to use, even at my age; I have no problem using it.” – Deogratias

Help more men like Deogratias benefit from a lifechanging stove, offset your carbon footprint and buy carbon credits directly from DelAgua.

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