Market Research


DelAgua Insight offers expert data collection services throughout rural Rwanda

Market Research


DelAgua Insight offers expert data collection services throughout rural Rwanda

DelAgua Insight provides expert data collection services throughout rural Rwanda to help businesses, organisations and academics in understanding the population’s demographics, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes. We offer geographic reach, local expertise, accuracy, speed and affordability. 

Our goal is to use our expertise to allow the very best data to be available to more projects across more rural communities, allowing more lives to be transformed.

Why DelAgua Insight?

Experts in Rwanda Since 2012

DelAgua has been operating in Rwanda since 2012. Our background is in the delivery of the world’s largest free improved cookstove distribution programme. We have provided more than 850,000 stoves across twenty Rwanda Districts. 

The surveying and education of households and subsequent monitoring and tracking of stove usage means we have created an exceptional technology driven data collection infrastructure with geographic reach across rural Rwanda.

Independently Audited,
High Quality Data

We provide data that is of the highest standard: our data has been audited annually since 2015 by independent auditors approved by the United Nations and the data is checked again by the UN so as to comply with the rigorous standards of accuracy and integrity required for the issuance of carbon credits.

Meeting these exacting standards is what our team does daily which assures our clients absolute confidence in data quality.   

Established Research Network

Our team of field managers and 5,000 enumerators have 10 years’ experience in the administration of hundreds of thousands of household surveys and have built close relationships at District and Sector level which are unique to DelAgua.

Through DelAgua Insight we are now able to offer data collection services using this network which gives unrivalled access to households across all of Rwanda’s Southern, Eastern, Northern and Western Provinces.

Rapid Implementation & Affordable

DelAgua Insight means it is now affordable and easy to commission quantitative household research studies for even remote, hard to access areas.

Because we have an already established network of enumerators in the field we are able to do this at speed: we can provide data in as little as a week from confirmation of survey instruments. Our “always on” network means we can also offer exceptional value whilst providing data of the highest quality.

What We Do

DelAgua Insight offers bespoke data collection for small and large-scale projects targeting rural communities throughout Rwanda.

Because we have an established data collection infrastructure across Rwanda we can provide data at a speed and cost that was not possible with previous household in-person research methodologies. Our network of enumerators are already in the field conducting household surveys  so they provide an “always on” resource that can get to work immediately.

DelAgua Insight means it is now affordable and easy to commission:

  • The generation of control groups for research plus control groups for ongoing monitoring within programmes of all sizes including those where size, budget and capacity have previously precluded the establishment of these groups.
  • Needs assessments that go beyond published government data sets to allow organisations to assess opportunity and need as accurately as possible.
  • Baseline studies for programmes of all sizes: DelAgua Insight can deliver on highly targeted specific rural communities, or large scale regional or national surveys.
  • Midline studies. For small and medium- sized organisation these may have been considered desirable but not affordable.
  • Customer feedback from specific households or large-scale groups. Tracking specific households over time or understanding village or sectoral level trends. DelAgua Insight has access to households in even the most remote, difficult to reach areas.
  • Feasibility studies for new products or services.
  • Rapid turnaround data collection. We know that sometimes there is an urgent need for fast provision of key data. Our always-on infrastructure means we can deliver on exacting timelines.

These are just some examples of how we can help your organisation in achieving your goals.

We understand that providing the very best information to help design effective programmes and then measuring impact during and post-programme are essential for your success in transforming lives and ultimately securing future funding and investment.

Our goal is to use our expertise to allow the very best data to be available to more projects across more rural communities, allowing more lives to be transformed.

How We Work

At the heart of what we do is our expert team of field managers and enumerators.

This is combined with our smartphone technology that captures the data and ensures accuracy, consistency, security and speed.

Our team of 5,000 enumerators have each received extensive training in data collection and we believe that our team are the most experienced in Rwanda: each of our enumerators has conducted an average of 1,000 household surveys per year which gives them a deep understanding of both data collection methodology and effective interactions with rural households. 

Our enumerators upload the household data in real time and our data relay platform means that you can access and track your project’s data daily, giving you rapid results and immediate insights. 

And because our enumerators are already in field, trained and operational, timings to deliver surveys are significantly reduced: DelAgua Insight can provide data in as little as a week from confirmation of survey instruments.  

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DelAgua Insight HQ
Regional Director Euan McDougall and Field Manager Musa Hakizimana
Some of our Team of 5,000 Enumerators
Enumerator Training
Working with Local Officials
Smartphone Technology
A Household Survey Visit
Conducting the Survey
Data Capture
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Where We Work

DelAgua Insight focuses exclusively on Rwanda and we have an established research infrastructure across all of rural Rwanda.

Access to communities and families for research is dependent on trusted and respected relationships at a local level which DelAgua has developed over 10 years. Our geographic reach is unrivalled and because we already have relationships at District, Sector, Cell and Village levels we are able to implement programmes down to the most targeted, local level rapidly. Projects can be set up and implemented in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

What Our Clients Say:

“BURN contracted DelAgua to carry out a willingness to pay and household fuel studies in Rwanda to assist with its market entry. DelAgua’s extensive knowledge of the Rwandan market, robust infrastructure across the country and experience carrying out a range of market research and intelligence activities makes it the only partner in Rwanda to assist you with your market research needs. Their flexibility during the project implementation is unmatched and not forgetting the high quality data that was shared via their robust data collection tool that made it easy for BURN to track data collection progress around the clock”. 

Stanley Kahira Kiriungi

Market Research Coordinator BURN

The market research from DelAgua in Rwanda has been instrumental for SPOUTS of water in its expansion into Rwanda. With their support we are now closer in accomplishing our mission of providing safe drinking water to all East Africans”. 

Daniel Yin

CEO SPOUTS of water

Our Data Team


Following his BA in Geography at the University of Durham, Euan qualified as an accountant with PwC. Euan joined DelAgua in 2020 to bring together his passion for accelerating positive change in the world’s least developed countries and his business and finance skills. 

Euan leads the team across the East Africa region and is based in Kigali.


Prior to joining DelAgua , Kate spent her career with international advertising agency J. Walter Thompson working with global clients including Unilever, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Esso & Kimberley Clark. She believes that consumer insight is key to the creation of successful brands and is excited that DelAgua Insight enables the very best data to be available to more projects across more rural communities, allowing more lives to be transformed.’


Following his degree in Business Administration Kharim joined DelAgua in 2016 where he has overseen the growth of our stoves project and managed the delivery of the household educational programme and auditing process to over 640,000 homes across rural Rwanda.

His 6 years in the field give Kharim an exceptional understanding of local communities.


Sibo has been with DelAgua since the company began its operations in Rwanda in 2012. Prior to DelAgua, Sibo led research and data collection for Manna Energy projects. 

Sibo brings a wealth of technical expertise and long standing relationships with District and Sector officials to DelAgua Insight’s work.

DelAgua Insight-01

Find Out More

To find out more about how we can support you and your project please fill out the contact form below or get in touch with Euan McDougall, Regional Director DelAgua Insight at:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +250 788 386 128

We are ready to put into action your data collection requirements in Rwanda. 

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