Bruno’s Story

Bruno has worked with DelAgua since 2013.

What positions have you held at DelAgua since you started? How has this affected your career development?

My first position was Field officer with the title of Health supervisor I worked with local communities and local authorities, my top priorities tasks like organizing Community Health Workers training, collaborate with local government institutions to ensure the success of Tubeho Neza program. During this time my daily work allowed me to meet different categories of people, different challenges with a good experience too!

The second position was that of District Manager where I played the major role of planning and monitoring work, I was transferred to all the districts of the country. During this time of more than four years I developed the greatest passion for working hand in hand with grassroots communities and local authorities. This position still the corner stone of Tubeho Neza.

The third position was that of Program Coordinator; My main role was to plan, coordinate, work briefly with regional and provincial authorities. The experience acquired from my previous positions allowed me to succeed for almost my three years in this position of program coordinator.

My current position as Expansion Manager Assistant allows me to exercise my nine years of experience in this program beyond the Rwanda boarders, with our expansion and the senior management teams, I participate in the different measures and strategies to make our new projects in other African countries successful.


What key skills have you developed through these different roles?

Passion for working with people who need help, working in rural areas with local communities across the countries, working with government institutions and other local and international partners.

What do you like about working at DelAgua?

The support from senior management is second to none. The team spirit within our great DelAgua team in general is the secret to our success. I really like the flexible atmosphere in which we work.

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