Bruno’s Story

Bruno has worked with DelAgua since 2013.

“Changing people’s lives is still my greatest achievement over these past 7 years, but also working with my colleagues and staff at the local authorities. We work together well and make a really great team which is what is needed to deliver change. I am particularly proud of the impact of our stoves distribution on the ecosystem in the Rugezi Marsh region”.

“The surrounding hills had been severely deforested due to trees being cut for firewood and the marsh was further damaged by local people having to resort to cutting grass and reeds for animal fodder and fuel. In 2016 a programme of reforestation was begun which stabilised the soil and provides a sustainable source of firewood.”

“I strongly appreciate our Community Health Worker teams. Their skills in information technology to collect data during distributions and household visits, I really respect.”

“We also started distributing stoves to the district and these stoves, which reduce by more than 50% the amount of firewood needed, have played an integral part in the success of the reforestation programme and the restoration of the Rugezi Marsh. Without the stoves the cycle of cutting trees for fuel would not have been broken. Today the wetland is well protected, trees are intact, the birds are returning and the water levels rising”.

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