Beatrice’s Story

Meet Beatrice who recently received her DelAgua stove. Beatrice lives with her husband Gaston and five children.

Before receiving the DelAgua stove the daily responsibility of wood collection fell to Beatrice’s 10-year-old daughter. After school, Beatrice’s daughter would spend at least 2 hours collecting firewood, which meant she didn’t have time for homework and she was tired during the school day.

“The stove is special” – Beatrice


Now the family has a DelAgua stove she only needs to collect wood once a week, and is able to do this at the weekend when she doesn’t have school. Her schoolwork has dramatically improved, and Beatrice is happy and relieved her daughter is thriving at school now.

“With all the house chores I have to do, cooking is now the least of my problems. It takes so much less time and it allows me to breathe and rest after a long day working on the land” – Beatrice.


The DelAgua stove burns cleanly, is portable and cooks quickly, which has encouraged Beatrice’s husband to help with kitchen duties. “The stove is special, now my husband sometimes cooks and it’s not my responsibility alone.”

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