Amie’s Story

Meet Amie who recently received her DelAgua stove. There are six people in Amie’s family. 

“As a family of six we were spending SLL 15 before on firewood per day. Now that we have received the DelAgua health stove we are spending SLL 5 on firewood to cook per day and the remaining firewood is used in the morning to heat up the rice for breakfast.”

“Before I use to buy firewood every day to cook my food but with the intervention of DelAgua stove, I buy firewood three time in the week, it has helped me save money in the week.”

“Our family likes using the stove because it cooks very fast.”

“My school going daughters can now use the stove for cooking whilst reading & studying at the same time because it has no smoke and it is very convenient for our comfort.” – Amie

Help more women like Amie benefit from a lifechanging stove, offset your carbon footprint and buy carbon credits directly from DelAgua.

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