Smarter Markets Podcast 'Demystifying Carbon Markets' - Neil McDougall

The Smarter Markets podcast brings together icons and entrepreneurs of technology, commodities and finance to examine how market systems can be redesigned and improved. 

In episode 6 of their ‘Demystifying Carbon Markets’ series, host David Greely talks to DelAgua’s Chairman Neil McDougall to discuss carbon markets through the lens of a project developer. They cover implementation of our ‘Tubeho Neza’ project,  the impact  we are making on peoples lives and the environment in rural Rwanda and our tracking technology and methodologies. 

“We went into this sector to benefit the developing world; carbon is a route to do that, it’s the fuel which funds it. We are looking to do more than just reduce carbon, it’s a much more holistic approach which we have.” – Neil McDougall

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