Happy Holidays everyone! We have come to that time of year where we all look back and reflect on where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

At DelAgua, we have, to date, managed to distribute over 640,000 improved cooking stoves to rural Rwanda improving the lives of thousands of people despite all the challenges presented by Covid.

We are so grateful to our investors, the Government of Rwanda, the DelAgua Management Team, and all the staff who have worked tirelessly, sometimes under extreme circumstances, to bring us to this point. Thank you!

We are living through an exceptional period of global disruption: the pandemic has brought the ‘global village’ to a screeching halt, climate change is creating havoc worldwide and we are all having to adapt and find new ways, fast, to deal with these challenges. As world leaders grapple with limiting global warming to 1.5°C in a number of ways, a few objectives were met. The Glasgow Agreement might have fallen short of meeting the 1.5°C, but it managed to keep 1.5°C alive through the many promises and agreements reached. Fossil fuels were targeted for the first time, payments to poor and vulnerable nations were agreed upon and the rules for global carbon markets were set.

The challenge will be in keeping these promises and following through with the agreements and above all action. This is what we are hopeful for as we close the year.

At DelAgua we are optimistic for 2022 and look forward to the New Year with focus and urgency: we have already set plans for a large number of distributions to take us towards our goal of the provision of 2 million stoves, we are growing our team so we are able to implement at scale and pace and positively impact even more lives and the environment here in Rwanda. We are grateful for a management team that is committed to making a difference not only through our core work but also by supporting the bigger East African community and we are proud that we are now using suppliers from the East African Region.

Here’s to ‘Transforming Lives and Nature Through Enterprise’!


Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022!