District Manager - Verification Surveys

As part of the Tubeho Neza project auditing process, DelAgua conducts verification surveys. Beneficiaries are chosen at random and are visited by a DelAgua District Manager. The purpose of the survey is to learn more about their experiences with the DelAgua stove, their cooking practices and behaviour change, and to gain feedback about the project.

The verification survey is also vital in providing an accurate audit of stove usage which will determine how many carbon credits can be issued and it is the sale of these credits that fund the project. 

Due to the nature of random selection, the geography of rural Rwanda and the inaccessibility of rural communities, District Managers often travel far and wide to visit one beneficiary for a verification survey. 

Here, District Manager Eric Izerimana shows us some of the locations he has visited during the latest round of surveying:


“I took this photograph, and the one at the top of the page, when heading to Kirwa Cell in Kageyo Sector. I had to climb a mountain of almost 3km and it took over an hour to reach the beneficiary’s home. It was a wonderful experience walking up the mountain and I got to enjoy the beautiful landscape”.

“This is a historical site that I passed on my journey, called ‘Umukore wa Rwabugiri’, which means ‘Royal Residence of the King Kigeli IV Rwabugiri’. The site derives its name from the presence of a rare tree ‘Umukore’ that grows here. It is here that the King Rwabugiri met with Von Götzen, the second European to set foot in Rwanda. It is in Kageyo Sector, Ngororero District.”


“This river is called ‘Satinsyi’ and is in Ngororero. It caught my attention because it is not deep, but it is wide, and some people cross it on foot. The local people who I spoke with told me that in the rainy season it causes severe flooding”.


“The landscape of Ngororero District. I was heading to Hindiro Sector to visit a beneficiary, who lives behind these mountains”.

“On another day crossing the Giciye River in Nyabihu District. I had to walk over this suspended bridge to visit a beneficiary in Muringa Sector”.