DelAgua recently attended the annual climate conference hosted by Charterhouse School in the UK. Pupils hosted the conference which allowed them an opportunity to listen, engage, discuss, and learn about different aspects of climate change from experts in the field. From sustainability and technology to ecosystems and social enterprise, the conference covered a wide variety of subjects.

As well as DelAgua, other participants included CCm Technologies, Lancaster University, Roots for the Future, EcoOcean, EfL, United Nations and the University of Manchester.

Euan McDougall, Regional Director for East Africa at DelAgua Group and past Charterhouse student, spoke about the urgent global challenge to provide access to clean cooking and how DelAgua’s large scale stoves programme, Project Rwanda, is tackling this. DelAgua has distributed improved cookstoves to 640,000 households, impacting the lives of over 3 million rural Rwandans. He discussed the many benefits the project provides and explained the link between carbon offsetting and our project. He said “It was a pleasure to speak at the Charterhouse Climate Conference where my interest in geography and sustainable development stemmed from. Giving back to where it all started was a source of great pride and I felt privileged to be able to talk to students who one day might want to pick up the climate baton in the future – every little helps. Speaking about clean cooking is vitally important to improve Western understanding of the scale of the issue as well as the reframing of the dialogue towards a human rights issue. The more people who appreciate the lived realities of 2.8 billion people globally, a more cohesive approach to solving the problem will occur”.

To watch the presentation in full click here. (DelAgua features on Day 2/ Webinar 1).