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Ceramic Hotplate, 180 x 180mm
Brand: VWR
DWT Code: 13153
Supplier Code: 444-0582
  • Product Image
  • UK Plug
  • Heating area: 180 x 180mm
  • Temperature: RT* +5...500 °C
  • Heating Capacity: 1000W
  • 250×375×108 mm
Deliver accurate and repeatable results.
Phone +44 (0) 1672 861 198

Units are microprocessor controlled and have an easy to read LED display for set point temperature. The control panel features easy to use controls which allow users to dial in adjustments for temperature. Rear housing features an off-centred, integral support rod holder with locking knob to accept the optional support rod and clamp kit. The low profile design takes up less space and fits into fume hoods. A spill resistant housing channels fluids away from internal components. A "hot" symbol warning light is illuminated when heat is turned on and remains on until top plate cools down. Enhanced electronics regulate heating and bring samples to temperature quickly and efficiently. Temperature measurement is controlled more accurately by using a resistance thermometer (RTD). Ceramic tops feature a chemically resistant, reflective white top plate surface that is easy to clean.

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