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#Spotlight - Renewable World - Using the sun and gravity to access affordable & reliable water
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#Spotlight - Renewable World - Using the sun and gravity to access affordable & reliable water

Renewable World tackles poverty in developing countries by enabling the provision of affordable renewable energy systems for energy-poor communities. They work through partners to provide renewa ble energy services to the energy poor where financial or geographical barriers prevent public or private sector solutions being effective. They currently have active projects in Kenya and Nepal.

SolarMUS is just one of the technologies being used to provide clean water from renewable energy. SolarMUS uses energy from the sun to pump water from a distant source to storage tanks strategically placed above a community. These tanks allow a community to collect large amounts of water and ensure a reliable supply of water year-round. Once in the storage tanks, the system lets gravity do the rest, which means only half of the power normally needed to distribute the water is used. Water is then distributed to households, farms, and businesses on-demand. It is called a multi-use system (MUS) for this very reason. This system can be used in areas where the water source is low in quantity, such as a naturally occurring spring.

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Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 11.09.2019

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