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#Spotlight - Lifewater - Providing Clean Water to Rural Communities & Water Quality Testing Follow-ups
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#Spotlight - Lifewater - Providing Clean Water to Rural Communities & Water Quality Testing Follow-ups

Lifewater are providing clean & safe water solutions to rural communities in Ethiopia, Uganda and Cambodia.

Their approach includes 4 stages to ensure they are serving people in the most effective way possible.

1. Custom Engineering - Because the hydrogeology of every village is different their engineers develop water access blueprints for each water source based on surveys, population and locally-available materials.

2. Appropriate Technology - Lifewater implement custom water technology to ensure that the water point is affordable and maintainable. By researching and involving the local community, decisions can be made based on what is best for the community.

3. Water Quality - In the past, once a water source was constructed, the water was tested on completion. This however meant that there was no way of knowing if the source continued to provide safe water after the initial test. Now testing is carried out annually and bi-annually using portable water testing equipment, therefore ensuring the water source continues to be safe to use.

4. International Standards - Lifewater abide by international WHO guidelines that all village water sources are within 1km from homes and have a 30 minute waiting time or less. If there is travel, it must be obtainable by every community member - young, elderly and disabled alike.

Read more about Lifewaters work.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 07.08.2019

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