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‘Love Water’ Campaign Launched to Help Protect Water Resources
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‘Love Water’ Campaign Launched to Help Protect Water Resources

A major campaign has been launched today by more than 40 environmental groups, charities, water companies and regulators to urge the British public to help protect water resources for future generations.

Clean water is essential for health and wellbeing, but climate change and population growth is putting an increased amount of pressure on the water environment, and the UK is facing hotter and drier summers and an increased risk of water shortages.

The long-term campaign is led by bodies including Environment Agency, Water UK, Ofwat, NFU and Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) among others.

Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency said "Most people agree that water is a precious resource but too often we take it for granted and don't see how our actions have a direct effect on the local rivers, lakes and beaches we all care about".

The campaign is being launched as part of the government's Year of Green Action which aims to help people to connect with, protect and enhance nature.

Read the press release.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 31.07.2019

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