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#Spotlight - Initiative: Eau - Using a Data Driven Approach to Address Water Disparities
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#Spotlight - Initiative: Eau - Using a Data Driven Approach to Address Water Disparities

Initiative: Eau is an American NGO dedicated to increasing the safety and quality of drinking water services in developing urban areas. They use a data driven approach to address water disparities by using four principal programmes: Research,, and H2Odata.crisis. Each uses water data to inform decision-makers and prevent the wasteful use of available human and financial resources for water-related development projects.

Research - An understanding of the links between water, health, infrastructure and the environment is necessary to ensure effective water services globally. - Through smart use of water data they can ensure water services are reliable and of good quality. - This programme focuses on promoting actor accountability and transparency through open publication of sustainability ratings based on their implemented water projects.

H2Odata.crisis - After a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis drinking water infrastructure can be destroyed. This programme uses data to identify zones of greatest need and aid decision making.

Find out more about Intiative:Eau's work.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 11.01.2019

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