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#FutureTech - Rice University System Selectively Sequesters Toxins from Water
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#FutureTech - Rice University System Selectively Sequesters Toxins from Water

Rice University scientists are developing technology to remove contaminants from water – but only as many as necessary.

The Rice lab of engineer Qilin Li is building a treatment system that can be tuned to selectively pull toxins from drinking water and wastewater from factories, sewage systems and oil and gas wells. The researchers said their technology will cut costs and save energy compared to conventional systems.

Read how the treatment system works here.

Rice University postdoctoral researcher Kuichang Zuo holds an assembled test units for the lab’s ionic water-treatment technology, which selectively removes hazardous contaminants and ignores those that are harmless. (Image Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University).


Author: Rice University/ DelAgua

Publish Date: 08.08.2018

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