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#FutureTech - Scientists Work to Create More Efficient Sun-Powered Water Purifier
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#FutureTech - Scientists Work to Create More Efficient Sun-Powered Water Purifier

Researchers have created a method for using sunlight to generate clean water with nearly perfect efficiency. Researchers at the University of Buffalo have created a highly efficient device that uses sunlight and black carbon-dipped paper. The paper is placed in a triangular arrangement, which enables it to vaporise and absorb water. The idea is a simple and inexpensive technology that could be used in regions where clean drinking water is not readily available.

“Our technique is able to produce drinking water at a faster pace than is theoretically calculated under natural sunlight,” says lead researcher Qiaoqiang Gan, associate professor of electrical engineering in the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

“Usually, when solar energy is used to evaporate water, some of the energy is wasted as heat is lost to the surrounding environment. This makes the process less than 100 percent efficient. Our system has a way of drawing heat in from the surrounding environment, allowing us to achieve near-perfect efficiency.”

A study describing the research appears in the journal ‘Advanced Science’.


Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 09.05.2018

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