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#Spotlight - Well Aware - Solar Powered Community Water Well in Mithini, Kenya
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#Spotlight - Well Aware - Solar Powered Community Water Well in Mithini, Kenya

The cascading hills of Thika, Kenya are home to many struggles, including a tragically high population of orphans due to increased rates of HIV/Aids in the area. Mithini is a community in Thika that is rescuing these orphans.

When Well Aware visited the orphanage in Mithini in 2011, they found only a shack on the side of the hill that was home to the director, house mom, and 9 children, each of whom were sick. Their poor health was due to lack of clean water and nutrients. 

Five months later, Well Aware returned to drill a new water well for Mithini. They equipped the system with solar power, installed pipelines, conducted training and recruited partners to the area.

Within a few months after the new well was pumping clean water in Mithini, the children were healthy and the entire community was able to drink clean water. Today, the kids there are healthy and getting an education. There is a new preschool, new primary school, girls and boys dorms and acres of crops growing healthy vegetables. The original orphanage is now home to 79 previously abandoned children.

Read more about their work in Kenya. 

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 21.06.2017

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