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#Spotlight - Sehgal Foundation - Building a Check Dam in Khohar Village, Rajasthan
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#Spotlight - Sehgal Foundation - Building a Check Dam in Khohar Village, Rajasthan

Until a few years ago, Khohar village near Alwar was not your typical Rajasthani village, hardly anyone could be seen in the village, many houses were locked and not much activity was visible even during pleasant weather.

The reason behind the desolate condition here was mass migration. Most of the men had moved to the cities in search of better livelihood options. And the few who were left were not motivated enough to try anything new to earn a living. The culprit in all these cases was the acute water scarcity in the area. The region received very little rainfall and about 78% of the water available was saline. The villagers did not just face problems with respect to irrigation for agriculture but also experienced difficulties in arranging water for day to day activities.

It was this hopeless situation that the Sehgal Foundation (SF) first encountered when it decided to come here in 2014. Started by Dr. Surendra Mohan Sehgal in 1999, SF’s mission is to empower rural India. Its intervention in Khohar changed the face of the village in a matter of two years. The organization achieved this amazing result by constructing a check dam to solve the acute water crisis.

Read more about SF's work.

Author: The Better India

Publish Date: 26.05.2017

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