Honorine’s Story

Honorine has worked with DelAgua since 2014.

“It has been so far an exciting experience as working with rural communities to improve their living conditions has been always my dream. Working hand in hand with community leaders as well as community health workers to health educate the community is an amazing experience that has also impacted me positively, through new opportunities and challenges for better self-growth both individually and professionally. Learning is a lifetime experience: I am learning while I train others. Here is a Community Health Worker (CHW) training session on how to use the DelAgua app, one of DelAgua’s unique technologies. CHWs play a great role during distributions and follow up. With this technology they have distributed thousands of stoves that have changed the lives of many people.”

“As I supervise them through the whole process, I feel humble and proud to transmit that knowledge and to be a part of this amazing experience in general.”

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