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#Spotlight - GivePower - Building a Solar Water Farm in Kenya
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#Spotlight - GivePower - Building a Solar Water Farm in Kenya

GivePower has brought clean water to the 3500 residents of Kiunga, Kenya, a small fishing community, by building a solar water farm.

Powered by solar energy, the desalination systems are housed in 20-foot shipping containers. they are capable of producing 50 kilowatts of energy and power two water pumps. with this, they transform 75,000 litres of brackish and/or seawater into clean, drinkable water every day at the cost of just $20 per person. The system can provide water for 35,000 people in total.

GivePower is on a mission to provide drinking water to people around the world. Turning seawater into drinkable water is a power-consuming and therefore expensive process. but using solar energy for this process may a viable long-term solution.

Read more about GivePower. 

Author: Kenya

Publish Date: 29.11.2019

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