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DelAgua Kit in Action
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DelAgua Kit in Action

We are always keen to hear about our customers’ projects and their experiences using the DelAgua Kit. The DelAgua Kit is used for various types of water testing programmes globally. Take a look at a few of our case studies below showing the DelAgua kit in action.

Testing Water Quality in Boreholes -Ny Taninsika have specialised in borehole installation since 2009. They are working in partnership with Feedback Madagascar to test water quality with the DelAgua kit, after a borehole is installed.

Harikar NGO & CARE - They are working to provide water quality testing in camps for IDPs (Internationally Displaced People), in Northern Iraq. CARE have carried out a 2-day DelAgua kit training course with Harikar field staff so they are able to carry out weekly bacteriological testing. 

GVC in Lebanon  GVC is helping to ensure a reliable and sustainable supply of water services to Syrian refugees as well as the hosting communities. GVC's field officers have relentlessly worked to implement a water quality testing programme intended at monitoring around 400 ITS (Informal Tented Settlements) where more the 13,000 Syrian refugees are being hosted. 

If you have previously used a DelAgua Kit or are currently working with one, and would like to provide a case study, we would like to hear from you!

Please get in touch at to find out more.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 02.03.2020

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