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The DelAgua Kit Manual
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The DelAgua Kit Manual

The DelAgua kit manual has seen a transformation since its 1993 beginnings. The manual is now full colour, with step-by-step pictures and diagrams to help users navigate their way through each process as easily as possible.

The manual takes you through how to prepare the DelAgua kit including sterilisation and preparation of the culture medium. It covers best practice for sample collection and steps on how to process samples and analyse the results. The manual also gives advice on how to look after and maintain the kit and how to check and recalibrate the incubator. There is a whole wealth of information within the Appendices which offer guidance on general safety and hygiene when using the kit in the field, alternative media that can be used with the kit and additional instructions for operating the dual incubator.

We no longer supply CD-ROM's with the kit as all of our training videos are available online, and each kit also has a QR code sticker within it. Scan the QR sticker and you are taken straight to the videos without having to search. 

View our current manual. Also available in French and Spanish. 

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 09.10.2019

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