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#FutureTech - Ocean Drones are Redefining the Collection of Climate Change Data
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#FutureTech - Ocean Drones are Redefining the Collection of Climate Change Data

A fleet of unmanned boats is travelling from the Arctic to the equator, with an aim to gather data on climate change.

Saildrone is an organisation that designs and manufactures solar and wind powered autonomous surface vehicles. These small, self-navigating sailboats are mounted with advanced sensor packages, making the collection of cost-effective, high resolution ocean data possible at scale. Each is fitted with a 20 foot high carbon sail, and 16 sensors that test variables including carbon dioxide, acidity, currents and water temperature.

Saildrones have the capability to increase observational infrastructure in hostile and remote polar regions where human and ship time is potentially hazardous and costly. The data gathered by saildrones will not only change the understanding of our oceans but will also bring insight into issues such as climate change, ocean acidification, fish populations and weather.

Read more about Saildrones.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 03.11.2017

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