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UK Publishes Latest Results in Tackling Global Climate Change
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UK Publishes Latest Results in Tackling Global Climate Change

The 2018 International Climate Finance (ICF) results, published on Friday, illustrate the impact of UK investments in tackling climate change and protecting vulnerable people. 

The ICF serves as a framework for the UK’s investments in combating climate change, and ensures that international development contributes towards sustainability by supporting clean energy technologies and resilience measures.

The UK has committed to spending at least £15bn between 2016 and 2021, through DFID, BEIS and Defra. The latest set of results show this work has:

  • Supported 47 million people to cope with the effects of climate change – equivalent to the population of Spain
  • Provided 17 million people with improved access to clean energy
  • Reduced or avoided 10.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (tCO2e) – approximately equivalent to the yearly emissions of 2.5 million cars
  • Installed 590 MW of clean energy capacity
  • Mobilised £3.3 billion public and £910 million private finance for climate change purposes in developing countries.

Read the full press release.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 09.07.2018

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