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The DelAgua Consumables Expansion Pack
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The DelAgua Consumables Expansion Pack

The DelAgua Consumables Expansion Pack is designed to give flexibility and value for money. Our testing kits are supplied with sufficient pads, filters and media to produce 200 plates for microbiological analysis.

Following the deployment of the kits into the field, 2 key factors affect the ongoing utility of the equipment;

  • Firstly training, the technical know how to operate the kit
  • Secondly, the availability of consumables

An important consideration for the Membrane Filtration method is the turbidity of the water.  The desired end state of Membrane Filtration is countable plates.  If the water has either a high concentration of bacteria, or high level of turbidity it may require dilution with “known to be clean water” (N.B. this dilution water must not have any form of residual disinfectant, such as Chlorine in the water).

 In addition, in order to ensure the scientific validity of the results, there should be Negative Controls, firstly to demonstrate the sterility of the petri dishes and media, and also to demonstrate that the manifold has been successfully sterilised. 

Therefore 200 absorbent pads, 200 x 0.45µ filters and 38.1 gr of Membrane Laurel Sulphate Broth does not mean that you could test 200 water sources.

The Expansion Pack of Consumables includes enough for pads, filters and media to produce 2,400 plates.

  • Easy to portion media according to requirement
  • Avoids spoiling and wastage
  • Provides a contingency if the media batch becomes compromised
  • Greater flexibility to meet unforeseen emergencies
  • Saves on multiple shipping costs

The pack includes:

  • 2,400 Pads
  • 2,400 0.45µ Filters
  • 500 gr pot of Membrane Laurel Sulphate Broth
  • Very accurate (3 decimal points) portable scale
  • 13 x weigh boats
  • 10 x 60ml media bottles  – suitable for autoclave/steam steriliser
  • 3 x  media mixing bottles – suitable for autoclave/steam steriliser 

Please contact for more information.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 16.04.2018

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