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#Spotlight – The Flow Partnership – River Regeneration in Rajasthan, India
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#Spotlight – The Flow Partnership – River Regeneration in Rajasthan, India

The Flow Partnership, a UK based NGO, works with partners to rejuvenate landscapes and counter the increasing threat of floods, droughts, soil erosion and habitat loss at their source.

In 1985 Rajendra Singh went to live in dry and arid rural Rajasthan, India, with the intention of introducing modern education and medicine to that impoverished area. But soon the villagers made clear their primary need was for water.

7 entire river systems, previously dried up for 80 years, were revived. Over 10,000 Johads (small earthen dams) were built by the villagers at strategic places. Underground aquifers were recharged, rivers began to flow again and food supplies were secured helping those villages to become thriving communities again. 

Read more about the project.


Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 11.04.2018

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