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#Spotlight - Solvatten - The Innovative Jerry Can that Provides Clean & Hot Water
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#Spotlight - Solvatten - The Innovative Jerry Can that Provides Clean & Hot Water

Solvatten is a combined portable water treatment and water heater system that has been designed for off-grid household use in the developing world. It is an easy, innovative solution that provides access to clean, hot water to people throughout the world.

Millions of primarily women and children need to walk dozens of miles every day to fetch water and firewood. Reducing the daily use of firewood and having a tool that can be used also on unimproved water sources closer to home makes life so much easier.

Each unit contains two 5 litre containers, will which can be filled with water via an opening that houses a fabric filter of 35 microns. The unit is placed in direct sunlight, which simultaneously heats the water and exposes it to ultraviolet radiation. The combination of heat and UV light is a highly effective means of purifying water and, depending on conditions, the water will be free of pathogenic material in 2-6 hours.

Read more about Solvatten.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 28.02.2018

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