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#Spotlight - Innovation: Africa - Building an Eco Village in Ndaula, Malawi
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#Spotlight - Innovation: Africa - Building an Eco Village in Ndaula, Malawi

Before Innovation: Africa started working in Ndaula the day ended at sunset. There were no lights, no kerosene lamps, nothing to mark the schools or medical clinic, nothing to indicate there were 37,000 people living in the surrounding area. 

In 2011, Ndaula became the site of Innovation: Africa's first Eco Village. With a primary and secondary school and a medical clinic all right at the heart of the village, they decided to power all three, and to build a solar powered water pumping system as well. For the people of Ndaula that meant that students of all ages would have a place to study at night, and that adult education in the evening could now be possible. It meant that healthcare would be available 24 hours per day. It meant that clean water would be accessible at centrally located taps and women and girls would no longer need to go searching for water that might make them and their families sick.

Ndaula is now a healthier and wealthier village thanks to solar energy.

Read more about this project and others here. 

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 13.11.2017

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