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#FutureTech - Sustainable Energy Powered by the Sea
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#FutureTech - Sustainable Energy Powered by the Sea

In 2012, Professor Shintake and the Quantum Wave Microscopy Unit at OIST began a project titled “Sea Horse,” aiming to harness energy from the Kuroshio Ocean current that flows from the eastern coast of Taiwan and around the southern parts of Japan. The project used submerged turbines anchored to the sea floor through mooring cables that convert the kinetic energy of sustained natural currents in the Kuroshio into usable electricity that is then delivered by cables to land. The OIST researchers also wanted to look into an ocean energy source that was cheaper and easier to maintain.

In 2013 the OIST researchers launched The Wave Energy Converter (WEC). It involves placing turbines at key locations near the shoreline, such as nearby tetrapods or among coral reefs, to generate energy. Each location allows the turbines to be exposed to ideal wave conditions that allow them not only to generate clean and renewable energy, but also to help protect the coasts from erosion while being affordable for those with limited funding and infrastructure.

Take a look at the project here.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 09.10.2017

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