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#Spotlight - Water Works - Using Local Resources to Build Water Pumps in Malawi
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#Spotlight - Water Works - Using Local Resources to Build Water Pumps in Malawi

Water Works has assisted 56 Malawian villages to construct and maintain water pumps, providing safe drinking water for 10,500 people; supported 1,400 families to build latrines and helped a primary school with 300 students to build two blocks of latrines.

They also run hygiene awareness sessions, this helps communities develop action plans to address the issues, which would include the construction of latrines, the protection of water sources and the improvement of hygiene. Water Works is then able to help the community implement their action plan.

Water Works has worked with the University of Edinburgh and local Malawian artisans to develop two simple, innovative and sustainable hand pump technologies - the Abakus and the Alinafe pumps. They can be built and maintaned by rural communities, using locally available and low cost materials.

Read more about their projects.

Author: DelAgua

Publish Date: 27.09.2017

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