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Coping with Climate Change: The Water Scarcity Dilemma
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Coping with Climate Change: The Water Scarcity Dilemma

Global forums and international organisations have been listing water scarcity as a top priority risk and a major constraint to socio-economic development, a growing problem for businesses, and a threat to growth and stability on a global scale.

Conference of Parties (COP22) was held recently in Marrakesh and its focus was that of water scarcity, water cleanliness and water-related sustainability, a major problem in the developing world, including many African states.

The outcome of COP22 was three water related recommendations: harmonising water and climate policies; extending water access and sanitation services in Africa; reinforcing resilient water governance promoting inclusive and integrated water resources management.

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Author: The Southern Times

Publish Date: 08.02.2017

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