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Transforming Lives Through Enterprise

DelAgua improves lives through the design, implementation and management of clean, smart, sustainable technology.


DelAgua’s project in Rwanda will provide individual households with a ready supply of clean water and a safer, more efficient means of cooking.

Under the project, 600,000 advanced water filters and 600,000 high efficiency cookstoves will be distributed to the poorest 30% of households. This equates to about 3 million people.


600,000 Water Filters


600,000 Cookstoves

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Poorest 30% of Households

The water filters eliminate bacterial contamination - providing safe water for drinking and washing. The cookstoves use less wood and burn more efficiently - this helps prevent diseases caused by air pollution and reduces carbon emissions.

Portable Water Testing Kits

Originally designed for use in the most challenging situations, the DelAgua kit is robust, reliable and can test for up to six days without electricity.

The kit tests for the World Health Organisation key parameters for the safety of drinking water.

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Total Coliforms

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Faecal Coliforms

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Total Chlorine

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DelAgua is committed to continued research and development in improving public health, with a focus on water quality.

DelAgua continues to innovate across the whole of its technology. We invest in private and government assisted projects, working with a variety of partners who are leaders in their field.

Our aim is to improve public health around the World.


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#Spotlight - Islamic Relief - Smart Water Solutions
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