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Product Distribution

We supply more than 60,000 products from partner companies. Our experience in shipping equipment across the globe at competitive prices has led to corporations, governments and NGOs using DelAgua for their procurement needs.

DelAgua Kits

DelAgua's portable water testing kits are widely used by aid agencies, companies and others in over 130 countries. Robust yet easy to use and highly accurate, they test for the key WHO water parameters: pH, turbidity, free and total chlorine, temperature and microbiological contamination.

DelAgua Projects

DelAgua Health undertakes large scale programmes in specific developing countries focused on economically sustainable distribution of products such as water filters and cookstoves.

About DelAgua

DelAgua is a British company that manufactures and distributes portable water testing equipment and related products to charities, NGOs, governments and companies, and undertakes programmes to provide clean water to people in developing countries.

Testing the Water

This image shows results from a DelAgua Kit used to test UK Floodwater in Wraysbury, Berkshire diluted at 1/40. Significant presence of thermo-tolerant coliforms is clearly visible.

Lance Weaver using the DelAgua Kit to test UK Flood water on the BBC News

UK storms: Living with contaminated flood water

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